Brussels Flavour Day - A success for the whole flavour industry

On June 20th 2017, Brussels became the ’Capital of Flavour’. The event was organised by EFFA (the European Flavour Association), together with AROMA (the Belgian Flavour Association) and IOFI (the International Organization of the Flavor Industry). The event was a great success with more than 100 participants. Policy makers, customers and food and drink associations gathered for discussions about the future of food and the role that flavourings plays in key consumer trends.
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Perfumer & Flavourist - 7 June 2017

Conversation and Celebration: Brussels Flavour Day
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Euractiv - 6 June 2017

Brussels Flavour Day - The Contribution of Flavourings in The Future Of Food
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EFSA Opinion on FGE.226Rev1

EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF) adopted an opinion on FGE.226Rev1: consideration of genotoxicity data on one a,b-unsaturated aldehyde from chemical subgroup 1.1.1(b) of FGE.19
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Brussels Flavour Day - 20 June

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On the 20th of June 2017, Brussels will become the capital of Flavour. EFFA, together with Aroma (the Belgian Flavour Association) and IOFI (the International Organization of the Flavor Industry) are organising an event to tell the flavourings story in a practical and engaging way
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Our 'Short introduction to flavourings' available in FR, DE, ES, IT and NL

EFFA is a European Association composed by company members and also national associations. For us it is very important to provide content that is useful for our global members but also for smaller companies that are part of the EFFA membership through their national association. This is why we have decided to translate part of the EFFA content in the main languages spoken by our members: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. You will find our one pager "Short Introduction to Flavourings" in all these languages below
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