Paris Flavour Day

Following the FlavourDays in Brussels (June), London (September) and Copenhagen (October) this year and before the Flavour Days in Istanbul and Berlin in 2018, SNIAA, the French Flavour Association, organised the Paris FlavourDay on November 16th.

With more than 220 participants composed of national and international experts of the food industry (beverages, dairy products, biscuits, spirits, etc.) and the flavour industry, the room was packed to discuss a number of varied and enriching themes.

Michel Joannic, SNIAA Vice-President commented "We are delighted that this day Paris FlavourDay was so successful because it is an opportunity for us to demonstrate to our customers that we want to help them to improve their understanding of flavourings".

What are the key take-aways from this day?

First of all, flavourings are quality ingredients and the food industry must unravel the true from the false when hearing some preconceived ideas about flavour ingredients in food.

Indeed, flavourings have a key role to play in today and tomorrow’s food. "Flavourings are one of the key factors of innovation for the food industry," argued Sylvain Zaffzroni of Cook Innov.

Recipes that appeal to consumers are the ones that have taste. This was evidenced by the result of the survey conducted at the beginning of the conference: "taste" and "pleasure" were the terms most often mentioned by the participants to describe flavourings.

The audience was kept in suspense until the end, with presentations alternating between questions to the public, awareness of the challenges faced by the flavour industry, regulatory reminders and of course tasting experiences to illustrate that flavourings are rich and far from ‘standardising’ taste.

What is next?

Rendez-vous is given in 2018 for more FlavourDays, in Germany, Italy and Turkey … to be followed! Alexander Mohr, EFFA Executive’s Director is very satisfied with the success of the FlavourDay’s initiative: “It is great to see how the flavour industry is engaging under the common umbrella of the ‘FlavourDays’, after Brussels, London, Copenhagen and now Paris we are looking forward to the next events in Europe”.

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