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The ‘Flavour Ambassadors’ is an EFFA  multimedia project launched in 2019 and aimed at sharing the passion and expertise of European flavour professionals. Through the project we aim to give the industry a “voice” and showcase its many facades and the blend of knowledge that is needed to create flavourings that ultimately enrich our food and drinks.

The community of Flavour Ambassadors is comprised of varied industry specialists who are passionate about their profession and volunteered to take part in this EFFA project. Our Flavour Ambassadors represent the different departments of variously sized companies from all over Europe and are of different cultures andbackgrounds. In each episode of the interviews, the ambassadors show the various aspects in the creating process, explain what their role in the flavour house is, what drives and challenges them, and how their expertise contributes to the flavour and food industry in Europe and globally. With professionals ranging from regulatory to sensory and marketing departments, each focuses on their own expertise and added value and together they showcase the complexity of the flavour industry processes.

In this podcast, Leader Natural & Clean Label - Stephanie Salord shares her expertise on clean label practices, elaborates on the development of naturals and recalls the most interesting project she has worked on.

Stephanie Salord

Leading Natural & Clean Label

Time codes:

00:12 – About the Flavour Ambassadors project
00:44 – Could you tell us your name and profession?
01:02 – How does your typical working day go?
01:58 – Who do you work with, and how do you perform as a team?
03:46 – How long have you worked in the industry and why did you choose this career?
04:43 – Are you still passionate about the flavour industry?
05:50 – Can you tell us, what is at the core of working on the Natural & Clean Label Platform?
10:37 – What is the role of the Global Innovation Creation team?
13:07 – Why do you stay in contact with the regions? Are there different expectations?
13:47 – How did you get your start in the flavour industry? What training did you receive?
15:00 – What is the flavour industry to you? What is food to you?
15:28 – What is it that you find particularly fascinating about your job?
16:02 – What is your favourite and least favourite flavouring?
16:41 – What is the most interesting thing you have worked on so far?
18:14 – If you could go back, would you choose the same career path again?