#Paris FlavourDay


Paris FlavourDay 2018 : How do flavourings contribute to tomorrow’s food ? 

Full room for the Paris FlavourDay. The French Flavour Association, SNIAA (Syndicat National des Ingrédients Aromatiques Alimentaires) organised a very succesful FlavourDay on the 22nd of November 2018 in Paris.

Jean-Loïc METAYER, Vice-President of SNIAA opened the day on the objectives of flavour houses and reminded also that this is "a hedonistic and fun industry and that will not change!".

The presentations that followed focused on meeting the expectations of customers and consumers on several topics: Transparency, loyalty and security, and authenticity and naturalness. These topics were adressed in depth with speakers from the food and drink industry, from the flavour industry itself and even students, the flavour professionals of tomorrow.

At the end of the day,  two Presidents, Eric ANGELINI, President of SNIAA and Antoine KASTLER, President of EFFA, delivered a common message: French and European levels are jointly committed to the valorisation of flavourings and to ensuring that companies follow the same rules of the game.

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Finally, a FlavourDay would not be a FlavourDay without the tasting of flavoured products and workshops that allow participants to be at the heart of the flavour industry and its role in the pleasure of food.

You will find more details in the SNIAA Press Release and soon a memorandum at the SNIAA website.

Paris FlavourDay background


On November 16th 2017, SNIAA organised its FlavourDay, the fourth one of the European tour of #FlavourDays.

With more than 220 participants composed of national and international experts of the food industry (beverages, dairy products, biscuits, spirits, etc.) and the flavour industry, the room was packed to discuss a number of varied and enriching themes.

Michel Joannic, SNIAA Vice-President commented "We are delighted that this day Paris FlavourDay was so successful because it is an opportunity for us to demonstrate to our customers that we want to help them to improve their understanding of flavourings".

For more information, visit SNIAA website or contact the SNIAA team contact@sniaa.org