#Madrid FlavourDay

The FlavourDay© tour arrives to one of the capitals of the Mediterranean Diet

On the 22nd of October 2019, the Spanish Association of Fragrances and Food Flavours (AEFAA) celebrated the #Madrid_FlavourDay, focusing on "the role of flavourings in the future of food and sustainability". As previous editions of the FlavourDays©, it gathered the flavour industry, policy makers and customers, to discuss the future of food and the solutions that the flavour industry can provide to consumer’s requests.

A trio of Presidents: Jean Mane, President of the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI); Antoine Kastler, President of the European Flavour Association (EFFA) and Josep Sola, President of AEFAA opened the event, highlighting the team work among all the associations and thanking their volunteers stating that if we work alone maybe we arrive quicker, but if we work together, we will arrive further.

Ms. Elena Roura, Scientific Director at FundacioAlicia, provided a keynote speech on “The challenges of healthy eating”, which was followed by a round table with representatives from all the different players: Victorio Teruel, Deputy General Director for the Promotion of Food Safety of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), explained the importance of food safety and the role of the industry, Enrico Frabetti,  Food Policy, Nutrition & Health Director at the Spanish Food Industry Association (FIAB) highlighted the common work being done to improve the quality of the food products, Sven Ballschmiede, IOFI Executive Director, presented the sustainability initiative of the Flavour and Fragrance industry and Alexander Mohr, EFFA Executive Director who emphasized the need for an holistic approach and the role of the associations in dealing with these topics.

madrid fd

Time to enjoy flavours

The afternoon was focused on a FlavourDay© classic: tasting ateliers and where attendees could taste by themselves the flavours that are already responding to current and future trends (sustainability, conscious diet), combined with ‘Made in Spain’ flavours, honouring the Mediterranean Diet and confirming the intimate connection between flavourings and the culture and heritage of each country.

This was the 8th FlavourDay©, a series of events focused on flavourings, and their role in the future of food that have been organised by the EFFA and its National Associations in different European cities.

FlavourDay© is a copyrighted EFFA intellectual property and has won an award for ‘Best implementation of a brand development project across multiple markets’.

More information on the FlavourDays can be found at or at #Madrid_FlavourDay on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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