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UK FlavourDay 2019

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After #Madrid_FlavourDay, the next FlavourDay of 2019 will take place in London. The #UK_FlavourDay, is taking place on November 29th, organised by the UK Flavour Association. 

This is already the second #FlavourDay in London, you can read all about the 2017 edition below. 

This time the programme is focused on perception and communication, including a presentation on 'Communicating Flavour' by the EFFA Communications Director.

You can read the full programme at the UK Flavour Association website. 

London FlavourDay 2017

Two months after the Brussels FlavourDay, London welcomed its FlavourDay. The UK Flavour Association (UKFA) marked its centenary with a glittering gala dinner as part of London FlavourDay at Church House in London on the 21st of September 2019. Guests included leading flavour companies, Food & Drink Federation (FDF) representatives and a European delegation from the European Flavour Association (EFFA) gathered to reflect on a century of British flavour innovation and to look forward to what the future might hold for the industry.   

More information and pictures here

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