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Istanbul FlavourDay

The first 2018 stop for the celebration of flavourings tour #FlavourDays was a success. The #Istanbul_FlavourDay took place on the 21st of February 2018, together with the 31th anniversary celebration of AREP, the Turkish Flavour Association.

From Brussels to Istanbul…

With more than 100 attendees, the event was a success. It combined scientific and regulatory presentations with a classic on #FlavourDays: tasting stands where attendees could experience themselves the passion for flavourings. 

More information and programme at the AREP website and our news section. 

Pomegranate Istanbul FlavourDay
  • Antoine Kastler - Istanbul FlavourDay
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  • Hibiskus Ekstraktlı Üzümsü Meyve Aromalı Süt
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  • Kestane Aromali Pamuk Şeker - Muz Aromalı Patlamış Mısır
  • Melis Yasa Aytaman - Aromsa Satış Pazarlama ve ArGe'den Sorumlu GMY
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