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#Grasse FlavourDay

EFFA Sustainability Conference

Continuing the #FlavourDays tour, it was time to go back to the origins of where the Flavour Industry started centuries ago and discuss how this tradition is shaping its future.

On September 27th, 2018, Grasse FlavourDay took place in Grasse, France, around a Conference and a Cocktail on the topic of Sustainability.

Sustainability in the DNAof the Flavour Industry

More than 80 people gathered in Grasse to discuss Sustainability from different perspectives: 

  • The policy makers’ actions to shape the framework in which companies operate,
  • The commitment of the flavour industry,
  • The crucial point of view of consumers : what do citizens want and understand by ‘Sustainability’.

The audience was welcomed by the Mayor of Grasse, Mr. Viaud, who acknowledged the role of the flavour industry for the sustainable development of the French city and the EFFA President, Mr. Kastler, who highlighted the choice of Grasse for a Sustainability Conference: “The location of Grasse for our Sustainability FlavourDay is not fortuitous. This is where it all started hundreds of years ago. You can almost feel the legacy being transmitted from generation to generation. The importance of sustainability for the past, present and future of the industry is undeniable.  It is not related to market expectations, it is rather something that is inherent to the DNA of the flavour industry”.

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